Consider Your Pets a Part of Your Family

Have the patience and try to understand what your pet has to tell you. Acknowledge their way of communicating and give them enough attention to make them feel like, you are the one! Having a pet in your house is exactly as same as becoming a parent. Just, as you need to have exceptional patience to deal with kids, it’s almost the same with your pets.

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Discover ways to get your loving pet out of the doghouse and toward the new behavior you desire.

Struggling with jumping, peeing, barking, and more? Have you been desperately searching for a professional to bring your four-legged rascal to heel? As a dog owner, boarder, and walker, Susan M Wilson has spent almost a decade caring for a large variety of breeds while helping families reclaim their love of canine companions. Now she’s here to share how to find and choose the best dog trainer for your dog and you, achieving both effective and long-term results.

How To Find Your Ideal Dog Trainer is a guidebook that shows you the real worth of investing your time and money in your pet. Offering helpful personal examples and hard- won lessons learned, Wilson digs up efficient ways of transforming your animal’s bad habits into a better-behaved buddy.

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Susan M Wilson

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Training Essentials

Pet Training

In order to get your pet understand your signals you need to build a bond with your friend so that you can explore a mutual way of communicating and understanding each other

Pet Understanding

In order to understand your pet better, you need to invest time so that you can have a better understanding to reveal through temperament testing.

Pet Care

Be affectionate towards your little friend, make them feel special so that they let you enter their comfort zone.


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I’ve been able to maintain a friendly community of people that want to build a connection with their pets by going to any extend by doing what’s best to make them happy.

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